From manual labor to mechanized operations is a technological innovation, but also an ideological revolution. Improve work efficiency from liberating the productive forces in terms of, there is an urgent need for large-scale use of mechanized; rather from the point of view of the national conditions, the adequacy of human resources, labor surplus and limit raising the level of mechanization. But look at the trajectory of the development of the social market economy, high-tech high-grade and modern equipment will gradually replace manual labor, the same garden machinery garden production will go through this process, to be more widely used.

Landscape conservation is a systematic project, the need to complete a series of work in the process of plant growth, such as pruning, weeding, tillage, fertilization, watering, and pest and disease control, etc.. Manual labor to complete all projects, but the market economy is about the cost, you need competition, high rural low power consumption has become a hot, use of mechanization is to achieve this goal and meet the demand.

First :Garden machinery application status

1、A single species. In high capital area, the use of garden machinery is limited to hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, brush cutters, chain saw, water pump, a drug plane (car), and Punch, sparse grass machines, micro-farming machine, digging machine pits, transplant, cut the root machines and other machinery indeed rare. In fact, the current domestic and foreign types of garden machinery, production is also quite large. Domestic producers in the famous Garden Machinery Factory of Yangzhou Weibang, Huai’an in Green Garden Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. abroad is concentrated in the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and other countries. Sales agents are numerous, such as Green Friends of the Oriental Garden.

2、Low penetration. Nanjing use in garden maintenance garden machinery place a lot, you can use less, the penetration rate is too low. Machinery only as a special case of an equipment, the main work is still done by manual labor, their effectiveness and efficiency are affected to some degree.

3、The low utilization efficiency. While some garden machinery put to use, but the usage is not optimistic, not the operator level is limited, there is no reasonable good mechanical or damage to the machinery, mechanical efficiency in the use of too low, consume a lot of resources, and increase maintenance costs, not only to reach downsizing to improve efficiency, but a waste of resources, increased administrative costs, more harm than good, a serious impediment to the part of the enterprise inputs used garden machinery.

4、Poorly maintained. Machinery always failed, the failure is not timely maintenance, repair technology, but relevant, will affect the normal use of the machinery. Machinery can not be timely maintenance, and they can not be easily updated, in turn, have to rely on labor to affect the work process. The day-to-day maintenance of various machinery is also a problem caused by lack of knowledge of maintenance to shorten the life of the machinery, reduced efficiency, frequent failure. In response to this, there needs to be clear garden machinery industry technical requirements and operational procedures introduced to guide the professionals work. The large-scale use of garden machinery will also have environmental problems, such as noise, fumes, fuel consumption, etc. These are the issues we need to address.

Second :National forest conservation work will be widely used in a variety of garden machinery

With the development of the productive forces, the labor shortage continues to improve, develop care standards of high quality garden products will have a leading market such conservation in accordance with the current mode of operation will not be able to meet the requirements of society, must use the tools and operating techniqueshas improved.

1、Small garden machinery will become more and more popular, and will completely replace the manual operation. A variety of small, light and fast garden machinery will become more and more favored by the public, instead of hand tools is just a time to ask questions, and its role will be more obvious. Replace flat shear hedge trimmer, oil, according to replace hand According replace shovels digging machine. Small garden machinery in the future will become more and more portable, and features will be more perfect.

2、The multi-functional role of garden machinery, promising. Characteristics of landscape conservation, powerful, flexible operation, garden machinery to complete a variety of work projects will play a huge role in green conservation, development encouraging prospects.

Third :The direction of the development of the garden machinery

The need for garden machinery currently used and the degree of mechanization, raising imitation has been widely used in landscaping and garden machinery should have in order to make the garden machinery: high efficiency, energy saving, long life, full-featured, lightweight and convenient,environmentally safe, that the professional’s cool design, less possession storage space, easily boot device, excellent operating feel, low-noise working environment, high-efficiency energy-saving, clean exhaust emissions, smoke-free and no irritating odor.

1、Efficient and energy-saving are closely linked to the goal is the least amount of oil consumed per unit time to complete the same workload. The energy issue has always been a hot topic, the same cost issues also concern the pursuit of a the Wumart referral inexpensive this is our goal.

2、Life is directly related with the maintenance costs, the frequency of updates. Any customers want to use the product purchased is longer, and can not put up with regular maintenance and frequent updates parts. This requires the engine core components of excellent quality. The pros and cons of the after-sales service directly affect the machinery of life.

3、Full-featured, lightweight and convenient, by definition, not a mechanical function single. Hope for a variety of garden maintenance work can play a different role, such as garden tractors, cleaning truck can also spray to fight drugs, but also the water absorption of irrigation, drainage and so on. Multifunctional brush cutter can be replaced at any time into the high branches hedge trimmer, high sticks of oil, according to Micro-farming machine. Short function is more powerful, the more extensive use, the greater the market demand, the better the prospects for development. Mechanical weight and appearance is directly related to the day-to-day use efficiency and convenience, easy to operate, easy to carry, can operate in a complex environment, it is our goal to pursue.

4、”Safety, environmental protection “is beneficial to others or yourself. Large in terms of environmental issues has widespread social concern, countries have taken measures to limit the production of non-environmentally friendly products. You can only choose environmentally friendly products, markets and customers will reject the use of non-environmentally friendly products. As for security, self-evident, always ranked first, there is no security and there is no all.

Forth :Note the use of garden machinery

Universal access in the future work of garden maintenance, garden machinery will become a reality, and how to expand the usage to improve efficiency in the use, I think the following points should be noted:

1、To fully grasp the performance characteristics of the various mechanical, maintenance of common sense. The purpose must be clear before the purchase and use of a full understanding of the performance characteristics of the various mechanical, targeted selection, to ensure that the use of reasonable. To obtain a copy of the relevant mechanical maintenance of common sense information, clear the maintenance methods.

2、Related technical training on the operation of the workers. Mechanical operators must learn through professional training, with operating after passing an examination before allowing, for the assessment of different mechanical breakdown, and regularly carry out periodic checks.

3、Develop mechanical routine maintenance program. To develop a daily maintenance plan to purchase a variety of garden machinery, do maintenance work, mechanical energy effective long-term use without fail. The maintenance program is comprehensive and detailed, continuous implementation need to adhere to, especially during peak periods.

4、Detailed technical requirements and practices. To ensure the normal use of the machinery and related machinery and technical requirements and practices, must also devise clear process considerations, specification steps.


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