Why mower heat engine is difficult to start?

The failure is due because combustion chamber stuffy oil. If you encounter this failure, should the spark plug Unscrew and dry (note the anti-hot), starter rope and then pull a few times, then the spark plug Replace start the engine.

Mower mowing inability to how to do?

Remove the air filter to clean up, If you can not clean up the replacement. Check the blade is sharp, blunt polish. Further, lawn leaf length thick, if it is, should improve the lawnmower size, to reduce the load of the engine.

Why mower start and stop severe abnormal sound?

The reasons for these failures blade center bolt not tightened. If the fault is found, the bolts should remove the associated knife to check for damage, and then re-installed on the associated knife and blade, tighten the bolts.

Why the mower starting drawstring rebound?

Ignition timing advance is the reason for the failure. Usually because the lawnmower blade hit the perfect material, leading to the flywheel key shear. Response to fault the machine maintenance.

The hob Mower why self-propelled clutch piece easy to wear?

Hob mower mowing during use, because the operator is not operating requirements job, often click method to control the self-propelled, thereby increasing wear of the clutch plate, clutch failure ultimately self-propelled, so hobmachine during use, must be a one-time self-propelled handle adjustment in place.

Why mower can not be too much in the process of filling the oil?

Lubrication oil in the cylinder of each part of the machinery, is by the action of oil splashed wheel, the oil splashes, cleaning, lubrication and cooling of the various parts of the machinery, but will result in excessive oil fillemulsifying and bubbles, while nor can oil splashes, and thus can not play the role of lubrication, so that the temperature of the cylinder increases. So the mower can not be too much in the process of filling the oil.

Mower rattling work?

This phenomenon may occur for the following reasons:

A、Blade bent or worn imbalance;

B、Crankshaft to bend as a result of the impact;

C、Associated knife is damaged, causing the blade and crankshaft relative rotation caused by the imbalance;

D、Engine fixing screws loose:

E、The engine base damage.

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