Mower maintenance and maintenance (in)

Winter maintenance of lawn mowers and lawn car, how to do?

Store more than 30 days or more:

First, let go of the fuel in the tank, and to launch a gasoline engine until it runs out of fuel and stop;

Secondly, the the thermal machine state just downtime, first to release the oil in the crankcase, and then based on the recommended levels, filling the new oil in a suitable scale;

Thirdly,Remove the spark plug to the cylinder drops 5-10 ml oil, rotate the crankshaft a few laps, fitted with spark plug;

Last one but not least,cleaning dust and debris around the cutter head, body, cylinder block, cylinder head heat sink, wind guide cover, mesh cover and muffler; fifth save.

Why not start in the winter after the spring lawn mowers and other outdoor power?

Lawn mowers and other outdoor power, usually in the winter, do not work, and warehousing save. If done well before storage and maintenance, often the cause can not start next spring when the machine is enabled. General because winter maintenance, no fuel in the tank and vaporizer Incinerate, winter oil is not burning. Meanwhile, within the gasifier the oil will cause the the volatile gasoline precipitate clogging hole. A result, the machine can not start or does not run smoothly. To do so before the machine winter disable certain maintenance before storage fuel tank is exhausted, burned fuel vaporizer. At the same time, open the spark plug dropping 2-3 drops of oil to the cylinder, pull the starter 2 times.

Spring machine starter can not do?

Last the winter after not start in the spring, such as poor maintenance, its causes and countermeasures following:

A,、may be the first year of the oil in the fuel tank is not exhausted, so check the fuel if qualified fresh oil;

B、 If gasifier unburned fuel in the last year to disable should clean the vaporizer (be sure to ask the professionals to clean);

C、sent to a specialty store maintenance.

How to properly select the type of lawn mower?

Pruning is one of the basic work of lawn maintenance. Choose the right mower is the premise of quality assurance lawn, select the type based on the functionality of the lawn mower, golf course greens, tees, choose the green machine and tees mower; fairways and playground lawn, such as soccer fields, a football field, the best choice hob mower, also can choose to use a rotary knife type mower; common green space, landscape and lawn selection spin mower; golf course slopes optional suspension mower; the the forest lawn or obstructions more lawn optional shrub cutting mower (ie knapsack mower).

Mower engine muffler black smoke is what is the reason?

The reasons for these failures are caused by the mixing proportion is too deep into the gas combustion. If such situation first try of the air filter and clean or updated. If the fault is not excluded, you need to adjust or clean the mower engine carburetor. Why take Lanyan muffler mower engine running? The failure is caused by oils in combustion. The discovery of the failure to check the oil dipstick to see if the oil is excessive. Such as excessive release the excess oil and then running ten minutes. If the fault persists, you will need to overhaul the engine.

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